Annakin's Prayer Episode II: The Star Warrior

by Thaahum

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Co-Written and performed by Arizona lyricist Thaahum, with added vocals written and performed by songstress Mela Machinko, the song Annakin's Prayer Episode II: The Star Warrior is about the hope one pulls from when they feel their dreams are slipping away, and sometimes wanting what they want without thought of consequence of how it affects others.


released October 20, 2015

Produced by Stix in the Mix
Rap verses written and performed by Thaahum
Chorus written and performed by Mela Machinko
DJ scratches by DJ Les


all rights reserved



Thaahum Phoenix, Arizona

Thaahum has created songs promoting projects for media such as Sony Home Entertainment, Rosario Dawson’s graphic novel, The Occult Crimes Taskforce, and National Lampoon’s. He’s worked with industry talent as Imani Coppola, and film writer/director Adam Rifkin. He also licensed his songs for the Showtime series Look, which with the number one Neilson rating for it’s times slot for the year. ... more

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Track Name: Annakin's Prayer Episode II: The Star Warrior
In the mind of Christian, clear roads the vision/Tough times turn one to the hero or the villian.
I'm "the one," but with ego panickin'/Moves me away from Neo-closer to Annakin.
My child told me of friends who betrayed with treason/Happens to all ages, no matter who you meeting.
When folks mind docile, but they act hostile, observe nature to master the spots style!

Verse One
I admired a tortuous for all that it brings/It triumphs with tactics of kings and queens.
It f---d with me though I want it to succeed/That it takes time, but wants no time with me.
After all I opened up and shared./Heart on my sleeve like new fashion wear.
Didn't think it would snap and withdraw.
When I fell on my back I got sad it walked off.
Foes disguised as friends in my zone/I get open, away they crawling and disown.
And I can't comprehend after one misunderstanding we ain't speaking no more-Well I'm sorry Miss Jones!
Bears scratched in the forrest unbeknownst to me then/Was reactive learning. A self created demon.
Things layered what you see is what you get/The reason for what you see makes what you get suspect!

Power...moving through the ether.
Flowing from within, will turn the darkness to light.

Verse Two
Being ignored puts the body in uproar with similar reactions to physical injury.
Non returned jestures like a physical prison heap./In isolation not wanting intimacy.
Desired to increase her faith, I got pushed away/Poured my heart out, you had no good to say.
I need to tap into infinity, be the epiphany/My self love is sinking, God I need you to be lifting me!
Please mend my issues of abandonment/Inner child screaming f--k this fickle stagnant sh--t!
I want to rule the galaxy with my seeds/By my side a queen that's how it has to be
May be I'm not worthy of who matching me./Now titans clash battle principalities.
But the world is my playground, every moment my round/Going after mine although others got the high ground.
I'm just getting my faith and hope on/Praying Jay inducts me in the ranks of The Dogons.
It's my destined fate. Something I'm bound to/Ready for the trials that's my words to the council (x3)

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three
Holding on things with an iron grip/Hands start to bleed I want to triumph quick.
I pray my dreams don't go unotic'ed/The problem isn't me why approach what I won't fix!
Don't matter how good you are, but who you with/I feel a certain way about it, though I shouldn't.
Stories of End Times, activated Green Star/Do we succumb or move closer to who we are.
Got to build foundations but don't want to move/Everything's been taken what I got to lose.
Nothing else can save them except my gifts misused/It's like the fall of Satan, the world is so cruel.
Going after 1st place put me in the worst place/Though what I seek isn't mine in the first place.
Folks destroying earth, but I want to be the vessel/You decide to use to turn the world's fate-Whatever!

You're a force of nature yourself, creator of Heaven and Hell. Go within and all will be well.....

Repeat Chorus

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